Day:3 Hello from Terrific Telunas!

Day:3 Hello from Terrific Telunas!
Day:3 Hello from Terrific Telunas!

After an early morning playing outdoors and enjoying God's beautiful creation, group B returned to the village of Terong to paint the walls of the school. A tour of the village also provided insight into the community's economy, religion, and challenges. Balancing dedicated service and play, ICS middle schoolers also enjoyed playing with local children, exchanging games, laughter and many, many smiles.

Meanwhile, group A ventured to the village of Tumbar. This village is comprised of 30 families. ICS is the second only school group ever to visit this community. ICS rolled up their sleeves and mixed cement, contributing to the construction of a new community well. Appreciative of the students' service, the village leader offered words of gratitude accompanied by children dancing and drumming.

During the evening devotion back at Telunas, we reflected upon the good works we've been asked and able to do on behalf of the giver, God. Affirming one another in prayers, students continued to lift one another up and testified how they saw God at work through this week, both in prayer and in deed.

Heard today: What was your favorite part of the day? "All of it!"

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