Day 8: Hello from Incredible India!

Day 8: Hello from Incredible India!
Day 8: Hello from Incredible India!

Team India is ready to come home! We served the local community well and made a lot of good memories together. Here's what our students have to say about this service learning trip.

Daryl: When we interacted with the Life Trainees and villagers, I realized how amazing and precious it is to be in this environment. Their life stories made me reflect on my ownself. I should stop complaining and start thanking God, and it makes me want to live my life actively and be thankful.

Max: Over the trip we performed various tasks of physical labor, contributing to on-going projects at the Shalom Foundation, like moving rocks for a retaining wall. I really learned what it means to put away my personal comfort, serve and contribute as a group, and coordinate with people, to accomplish collective goals and serve in God's will.

Gabriel: Ever since I came to Shalom I've felt very much welcomed, with beautiful garlands at the airport and another round at Shalom. The Life Trainees are humble and genuinely hospitable, and even though we barely understand each other, they do their best to serve us. They truly have a heart of servanthood. Honorable mentions: Emmanuel, Selva, and Thyiagu!

Julianna: I've really enjoyed coming to India. I've been interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It has been eye-opening and fun!

Caleb: Working every day in the dirt helped me to feel inspired while watching my fellow boys from the Shalom Foundation work without hesitation.

Sunny: The work experience here at Shalom was quite tough, and I think I speak for everyone. I commend the Life Trainees for doing this on a daily basis. Through work, I bonded with them, and from them, I learned how to have a servant's heart.

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