Day 8: Hello from Exciting Philippines!

Day 8: Hello from Exciting Philippines!
Day 8: Hello from Exciting Philippines!

Day 8 was the final full day of activities for our team here at Kids International Ministries (K.I.M). As usual, we separated into 2 groups with one going to the construction site and the other to the food distribution center.

In the afternoon, our team hosted the kids from Arnold's community at the Yunjin Ministry Center (YMC) pool once more. After the swim, the entire team walked the kids back to their homes and bid farewell to the children which they have grown to love over these few days. Hugs were exchanged with heavy hearts, the team left the kids and walked back to YMC. It was truly encouraging to see how each and every ICS student has come to love the kids in the local community.

At night, we did our regular devotions with the kids at the children's home. We set up a polaroid photobooth, and the kids were able to keep some of the memories with them physically.

We had our last team devotion at night, and each member of the team shared one memorable event that they felt during the entire stay here.

The team is ready to head home, but they will definitely be leaving a part of their hearts here behind in the Philippines.

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