Day 7: Hello from Incredible India!

Day 7: Hello from Incredible India!
Day 7: Hello from Incredible India!

We will be packing up and driving down to Vellore for some shopping and time with the Children's Home. After that, we will be departing for the airport to fly back to Singapore on Friday morning at 5am. Overall, this trip has been a community building journey for our students. Read some of their thoughts about how this Service Learning trip has impacted their lives.

Joseph: When we went to the villages and schools, I realized how fortunate we are to be able to live in Singapore. Although the kids do not have much, they never complained and always have smiles on their faces. God has provided and guided us throughout this trip, and I'm thankful that I was able to share His love with others.

Mandie: My experience getting to know the local girls at the school we visited for church on Sunday was really eye-opening and interesting. I realized how much was similar in both cultures but also got to discover the differences in our lifestyles.

Iza: When we went to church at the Ebenezer school, I got to meet some of the students. They asked me a lot of questions, and I had the opportunity to share my story about Jesus with them. I had a lot of fun talking and praying with them.

Katherine: Interacting with the Life Trainees at Shalom has taught me about serving others. They set a good example for me. When we work, they do the harder jobs. When we eat, they serve the food, and when we play games, they put others before themselves. As a result, games like carrom and volleyball are a lot of fun!

Luke: Life at Shalom is very humble, and I realized how grateful I should be to experience this. The Life Trainees are very kind and show great hospitality. It made me come to the conclusion that having more than others is not better than God's love because ultimately that is what makes a good person.

Huey Jing: Coming on this trip has helped me develop relationships with others through construction work, painting, planting, and cleaning.

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