Day 6: Hello from Exciting Philippines!

Day 6: Hello from Exciting Philippines!
Day 6: Hello from Exciting Philippines!

In the morning, half the team worked at a construction site. Beads of sweat ran down our students' faces as they used pickaxes, shovels, and wheel barrels to move dirt and rock so that they could help level the surface for the new high school that we're helping to build. The morning food distribution group went to a location called "Tent City." Our team played, distributed food, and offered first aid to a large group of children.

In the afternoon, the teams swapped activities. In addition to this, the afternoon food distribution group picked up children from Arnold's community to bring back to the ministry center so they could enjoy some time in the pool. The original group of 20 children grew into a party of 50! Our team did very well in adapting and playing with the children. The team that went to the construction site in the afternoon also added to their schedule by visiting the children's home to do crafts and play with them.

The team returned to the children's home after dinner to share an evening devotion with the children. The focus of the devotion was about the Good Samaritan. After our worship service, the games team led a fun, and interactive game and the skit team put on a hilarious rendition of the story. To cap off the devotion, Nathaniel shared about how the story applied to his life related it to his experience.

Team Philippines is doing very well, and some are sad to realize that we are going to return to Singapore soon. Besides the minor cuts and bruises, everyone's health is good, and they are looking forward to the special activities tomorrow.

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