Day 5: Hello from Exciting Philippines!

Day 5: Hello from Exciting Philippines!
Day 5: Hello from Exciting Philippines!

Our team got back to the usual schedule of working at the construction and food distribution center after our day of rest.

For construction, our work consisted of leveling the ground in preparation for concrete to be poured to make the foundation. We were also tasked with plastering a section of a wall that is going to form the perimeter of the fence.

In the afternoon, we invited the kids from Arnold's community to swim at the YMCA with our team. We spent close to 2 hours at the pool with the children.

At 3:30pm, half of our team went to the regular food distribution site nearby. The community living in that area had been victims of a fire disaster, and they were still in the process of rebuilding their homes. In addition to distributing the cooked meals, our team also assisted in handing out dry rations to the victims.

We ended the day at the children's home, where we taught the kids about the parable of the prodigal son, and how God is always ready to forgive anyone who is willing to return Him.

Our team is growing closer as we spend time together learning more about each other and as we serve the community around us. Everyone is in good health and are looking forward to the days ahead.

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Reg Period: 06/07/19 to 05/07/23