Day 4: Hello from Exciting Philippines!

Day 4: Hello from Exciting Philippines!
Day 4: Hello from Exciting Philippines!

Today our team went to an 8 am English speaking worship service at Jesus Christ Church in The Valley. The pastor preached from Luke 22 and talked about the purpose of the sacrament of communion and also shared the Gospel message.

After church, the students were treated to a special lunch at Chilis Restaurant. After resting, the students had the opportunity to explore a local market.

In the evening our team met for our nightly devotion. Sihan and Eman led worship with the team. The group took the time to rest and reflect on the days that they have been there. Denise and Nathaniel shared about items that had significant meaning to them. Julie and Hoonjoo shared their personal testimonies. After the sharings, the students spent time in their small groups.

Friendships are growing as we spend more time with each other. The students really enjoy each other through laughter and shared experiences.

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