Day 3: Hello from Exciting Philippines!

Day 3: Hello from Exciting Philippines!
Day 3: Hello from Exciting Philippines!

Saturday was a break from our normal routine of distributing food and working in construction. Today we partnered with, Arnold, a local community leader in supporting him with his Saturday ministry.

In the morning, we watched Arnold lead a devotion about "Obedience" to a large group of local children. The ICS team shared songs, played games, and interacted with the children for about 3 hours.

In the afternoon, Arnold and his team reserved a local basketball court and invited another large group of older kids to interact with our ICS team. Our students were able to play relay games, do face painting, set up and take pictures at a photo booth, and even play a full basketball game against Arnold's team.

The students are exhausted from playing with kids all day but morale is still high, and they look forward to lighter Sunday activities. A frequent comment is that the food is fantastic here!

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