ICS Singapore high school student playing with Indonesian children on service learning trip

Service Learning Program

Philosophy of Service

At ICS, we provide students with opportunities to help them think critically, become problem solvers, and grow as quality communicators as they serve individually and collaboratively, both locally and cross culturally. Our mission at ICS is educating minds and transforming lives to impact the world for the glory of God.  ICS lives out its mission by showing love within our community and to those whose lives we encounter along our journeys.  We learn to love and serve others through imitating Christ, using the model He gives us to serve others (Matthew 20:28).  As Christians, we are committed to showing this love by doing good works in the world around us (Ephesians 2:10).

Service at ICS is curated to help students learn to value and respect all people, whether from backgrounds and cultures that are similar to or different from their own.  In each division, students are engaged in various types of service; all service is valued as an opportunity to engage the world around us in order to share Christ with the nations (Matthew 5:16; Matthew 28:19-20). ICS students engage in activities designed to provide opportunities to reflect on their God-given gifts and determine how they can use those gifts to serve others (1 Corinthians 12:5-6; 1 Peter 4:10-11).  Service includes asking the questions, “why is there a need?” or “how can I use my gifts and talents to assist in meeting that need?”  

Connecting the classroom with service occurs through service learning, which provides us with tangible experiences to be change makers and learn from the world in which we live.  Service learning opportunities at ICS include:

  • Week Without Walls
  • Faithworks
  • Partnering with and mentoring younger students within the local community
  • Visiting elder homes
  • Community holiday celebrations and performances
  • Food drives

ICS Singapore elementary students cleaning beach at Sentosa


Elementary School Service Learning

Elementary School Program

Elementary School Service Learning is year-long venture to instill the value of service in our ES students in meaningful yet developmentally appropriate ways. Throughout the year, ES students begin learning about the principles of service, identify opportunities to improve situations within their respective circles, and build relationships with their MS or HS "buddies". Their service project culminates with a service project benefiting the local community.

ICS Singapore students in Cambodia in a huddle


Middle School Program


FaithWorks is a service oriented, cross-cultural learning experience that is an important part of the middle school curriculum. Within FaithWorks, students have the opportunity to contribute and seek to improve situations in a service location selected by the Middle School Team and MS and HS Administration. Over the years, FaithWorks projects have taken place locally as well as in Indonesia.

Early on in the school year, MS students begin to identify projects designed to have a meaningful impact on the community they visit. Service projects may include teaching English, leading local school events (such as a field day), and/or working to meet community needs through construction projects. Through these experiences, our goal is for our students to discover their unique gifts and talents, develop critical thinking skills as they work within cross-cultural settings, and become quality communicators as they collaborate with their team and the host organizations.


ICS Singapore high school student carrying child in Manila on service learning
The Week Without Walls (WWW) program is our mandatory cross-cultural service program for all full-time high school students (tuition fees are inclusive of WWW trips). During the first quarter of the school year students and their parents select the top three choices of teams that they would prefer and the school places them on a team with their choices as a major consideration. Weekly team meetings provide a small group setting to offer support and foster community within the student body. All of the trips are organized and lead by the high school faculty.

ICS Singapore high school student playing with child during Week Without Walls

WWW aims to see students

- Exposed to other cultures outside of Singapore
- Develop a deeper appreciation for ways in which they have been blessed
- Experience the value of serving others
- Have leadership opportunities
- Develop problem solving skills
- Foster teamwork
- Encourage unity in the student body
- Build cross-cultural friendships

ICS Singapore high school student carrying child on shoulders during Week Without Walls

Ministry Partners

The WWW program was established in 2008 and is certified by the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission.

Over the years, teams have built relationships with ministry partners in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

ICS Singapore high school student playing with child during Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls Updates

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