Library Media Center

Library Media Center

With flexible spaces, feel-good lighting, warm and qualified staff, and a richly diverse collection that is constantly and intentionally curated for the benefit of the community, the Library Media Center functions as the “living room” of ICS. The engaging and welcoming environment serves as a collaborative learning space where members of the ICS community read, study, engage, inquire, design, reflect, and grow.

Elementary students come to the library for Inquiry and Digital Design (IDD) and often revisit the space before and after school to explore the collection, participate in extracurricular STEAM activities, or simply spend time with friends. Middle and high school students utilize the Library Media Center space and resources during breaks, lunch, and study halls, as well as before and after school. Parents and faculty stop in throughout the day looking for a good read, meaningful conversation, or just a comfy place to work.

Like the living room in your home, community, learning, and connection happen in the ICS Library Media Center.

Your ICS Library Media Center

Meet Your Library Media Center Staff

Chelsea Larson

Chelsea Larson

Library Media Center Director
Arlie Martin

Arlie Martin

Inquiry & Digital Design

Library Hours

Monday-Friday 7:45am-4:30pm*

*Closed every Wednesday afternoon for faculty meetings.

Contact Us

The Library Media Center can be reached via email here:

Library Media Center Policies

Who can use the Library Media Center?

The entire ICS community has access to all the resources held by the ICS Library Media Center. Please refer to the circulation policies for each member group.

How do I locate library resources?

Access to our library resources can be found through our catalog here.

How many resources can I check out? How long can I keep borrowed resources?

The borrowing policy for Library Media Center resources differs by grade level:
  • Lower elementary (K4-G2): Two resources for up to 12 days
  • Upper elementary (G3-G5): Three resources for up to 12 days
  • Middle school: Four resources for up to two weeks
  • High school: Four resources for up to two weeks
  • Adults (parents/guardians): 10 resources for up to two weeks

How can I renew borrowed resources? What if my resource is overdue or lost?

Library Media Center items can be renewed:
  • By email:
  • In person: Please stop by during the Library Media Center opening hours (7:45am-4:30pm).
If your item is overdue, you will receive a daily email notice until the fine is paid. Please stop by the Library Media Center to pay the fine.
If your item is lost, please send an email or stop by the Library Media Center to resolve this issue.

Collection Development Policy

The ICS Library Media Center strives to meet the needs of the ICS community by maintaining a diverse collection that represents various points of view on current events, historical issues, and areas of personal, spiritual, and academic interest. We recognize our place in a changing world and endeavor to create a library and collection that addresses these changes without losing our identity as a school and in Christ. In offering the community open access to a variety of resources that express differing perspectives on global issues, we provide students with the opportunity to encounter these issues with equipped educators in a safe space from a biblical worldview.

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