ICS Singapore students performing in a drama production

Fine Arts

Nurturing Creativity

The first five words of the Bible, In the beginning God created, point to the powerful creativity of our Maker. It is as extraordinary as it is generous. At ICS, our community works to nurture the heart, soul, mind and strength of each student individually and as a part of the greater culture; this is also the philosophy of our Arts department.
ICS Singapore student working on pottery wheel

Arts are a Gift

Because we are created in God’s likeness, we are creative in His image. We are created to make beauty and to recognize it, and to offer it. Surpassing self-expression, the arts are intended to be a gift. Whether in dance, drama, design, music or visual arts, we are committed to nurturing the talents, thought processes, innovation, skills and gifts of our amazing team of students so that they might care for the culture, bless it with beauty and reflect the generosity of our Lord.
ICS Singapore student painting during art class
ICS Singapore students performing music on the field