ICS Singapore varsity soccer team in a pre-game huddle

Welcome to Knight Nation

Message from the Athletic Director

On behalf of the International Community School, I would like to welcome you to Knight Nation Athletics! I truly believe in athletics being an integral component of the educational process for our students. Athletic preparation and competition is the ideal platform for both students and coaches to implement and develop our institution's ESO's and core values.

Knight Nation will strive to develop athletes who are leaders not only in competition, but also in our school community and beyond. I desire an athletic community that embraces the term "student athlete" and pursues athletics as an extension of the classroom. 

I am committed to developing our athletes into leaders that exemplify our ESO's and are a shining beacon of our core values.

I am dedicated to providing a pathway for our athletes to pursue personal excellence as leaders and competitors. Just as we strive to obtain these outcomes in the classroom, we must not fall short in continuing that pursuit, and providing those opportunities, in athletics as well.

I encourage you to stand with me in support of our coaches as they lead these athletes.

Our ES Coaches are a pivotal piece to the pursuit of this vision. At this stage, they must ensure the athletes are having fun, but beginning to foster the competitive spirit. We need our younger athletes to retain interest in athletics, and then provide them with a pathway to pursue personal excellence as they continue their educational journey.

Our MS Coaches have what is often the most trying, yet most rewarding job in athletics. MS Coaches are tasked with developing skills and confidence in a competitive arena. They are asked to train athletes for what they may become rather than what they are. This is a developmental period where athletes should feel free to explore new skills in a safe environment. Athletes should be encouraged to always be "their best," rather than a focus on being "the best." This is most important at the MS level.

Our HS Coaches have the heaviest of responsibilities. They are tasked with the last stage of preparing our athletes for life beyond our school community. They are asked to teach athletes how to accept and embrace roles, to compete with character, and how to lead as a servant leader. This is the culmination of years of preparation. This is where athletic dreams can come to fruition as well as a time when hearts are broken as the reality hits that the dream was just a dream. They are coaches, mentors, and counselors.

As parents, administrators, teachers, and coaches, let us stand uKnighted with our athletes. GO KNIGHTS!

Jeffrey T. Wood
Athletic Director

ICS Singapore middle school students playing flag football

Cultivating Character

We are devoted to students learning more than just sports, but life concepts on how they can glorify God. Athletics are trivial unless they are used as ‘instruments’ to teach lasting eternal values. The pressure, frustration, disappointment, excitement, and achievement experienced in athletics are experiences that can help prepare students to handle life beyond our school walls.
ICS Singapore middle school soccer player dribbling ball

Once a Knight, Always a Knight

Our athletic program is designed with the intention of promoting character development, team unity, and parental and community involvement with the hope of producing young men and women who love and respect God, culture and all mankind. Instead of striving to “be the best”, we commit to doing our best.

ICS Singapore varsity girls basketball dribbling against opponents

Sample of Athletic Offerings

ES Competitive Teams

G2-G5 Cross Country
U8 Co-Ed Soccer
U9 Boys Soccer
U9 Girls Soccer
U10 Boys Soccer
U11 Boys Soccer
U11 Boys Basketball
U11 Girls Basketball

MS Competitive ACSIS Sports

U12 Boys Basketball
U12 Girls Basketball
U12 Boys Soccer
U14 Boys Soccer
U14 Boys Basketball
U14 Girls Basketball
U14 Girls Volleyball
U14 Boys Volleyball
U14 Cross Country

HS Competitive ACSIS Sports

U19 Boys Varsity Basketball
U19 Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
U19 Girls Volleyball
U19 Boys Volleyball
U19 Boys Soccer
U19 Cross Country
Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee

ICS Singapore varsity ultimate frisbee celebrating