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Week Without Walls 2022: Day 3

  • 2021-2022
Week Without Walls 2022: Day 3

Making headway on and off-campus

In the blink of an eye, we’re already halfway through with Week Without Walls 2022! 

Service on Campus

Through rain or shine, our students have been making tremendous progress on the various beautification projects on campus. Read below for the specific projects teams have been working on: 

  • The Elementary Court: A mural will be created here to bring joy to the Elementary School students and to bring beauty in a space that is currently blank

  • The Lower Elementary Playground: This mural will incorporate beauty and function as the students will incorporate sensory play into their design 

  • Canteen: One team has designed a mural to reflect the core values of ICS in the canteen to remind all of what it means to be an ICS Knight

  • A-Wing Stairs and 4-Square Court: One team will be replacing a current mural on the far end of the A-wing, and reimagining the four-square courts to make them more functional and beautiful for our Elementary School students 

  • CrossFit Space (outdoor exercise area): Creatively transforming some unutilized space between the A and D wing, a few teams will be involved in creating an outdoor work-out space. This will include replanting trees that are currently growing there to a different location, leveling the ground, mixing and pouring cement, and putting in a rubberized floor. 

  • Adding Plants Across Campus: One team has been in charge of looking at our campus and determining places where plants could be added to enhance the environment. They will be planting climbing vines and shrubs around the Lower Elementary Playground, back fence, and back walkway.

Online VBS for Children’s Home in Indonesia

One of the WWW teams connected with a children's home in Indonesia to share games, songs, skits, and a Bible lesson over Zoom. Despite the distance, our students were able to connect with a ministry partner in Indonesia and create a space for relationship building cross-culturally. Check out some snapshots of the day: 

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