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Week Without Walls 2022: Day 2

  • 2021-2022
Week Without Walls 2022: Day 2

Helping hands in the local community 

There is an undeniable flurry of activity across campus these last two days - scanning the school grounds, one will see students digging trenches, shoveling sand, painting walls, and transporting supplies to and fro. Some teams are working with the Elementary students organizing games, leading small group discussions, and performing skits. 

However, beyond our school walls, our students are extending their helping hands to the local community. Today, we’ll highlight two projects that demonstrate becoming “People of Jubilee” for our neighbors across Singapore. 

Service at Genesis School

Our teams are back for the second year at the Genesis School, just a stone’s throw away from ICS. Check out the beautiful mural last year’s team created for the outdoor playground space! 

This year, a team of students will be designing educational motifs and images to support student learning and painting over wooden panels in the outdoor play area. See our students hard at work below.

Service Across Singapore Beaches and Parks

Teams of students will be traversing Singapore’s beaches and parks from east to west and keeping the public spaces clean and free of litter and debris. Our students are learning the importance of caring for the environment and stewarding God’s creation. Check out the pictures below!



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