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Week Without Walls 2021: Day 5

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picture of a girl holding a paintbrush

Here we go! It's the 5th and final day of Week Without Walls!

This week, our students reached new heights of perseverance and determination. From rallying younger elementary students with games and dancing to ultimately learn about love and sacrifice, to getting their hands dirty with paint, concrete, and soil to make a physical change in their surroundings, there is nothing like Week Without Walls at International Community School (Singapore). We see the evidence of their hard work everywhere!

A team of artists and painters that went every morning to Genesis School has completed their mural and we are proud of their accomplishment! What a beautiful expression of partnership and solidarity with our neighbors down the road.

picture of five kids painting clouds on a wall

picture of a girl painting a wall in a garden

Meanwhile, on the ICS campus, teams have come together to complete the painting job on our outdoor stadium! "Go, ICS!" The bright blue and red steps are a hallmark of our #uKNIGHTed spirit! We can't wait to start using the stadium for future games.

picture of six people standing on an outdoor stadium

picture of six people standing on an outdoor stadium

The monumental task of replacing the old green wire fence with a more sturdy metal frame along the Ayer Rajah Expressway is also complete! We saw first-hand the sweat from the brows of our middle and high school students and teachers this past week. A true feat to celebrate!

picture of a few people carrying a fence together

picture of a newly built fence

The Lower Elementary Garden has also been re-cultivated and reset with new raised flower beds made out of concrete. We can't wait to see what our elementary students are able to grow here as part of their nature curriculum!

picture of a student garden

picture of garden

Our students went beyond the confines of our campus in creative ways this week. Our WWW teams collaborated with the elementary Spiritual Emphasis Week activities to lead service-based projects! Our older students helped the younger ones to paint rocks for a special ICS welcome in the front entrance of the school. Another group of students worked on writing, recording, and editing English lessons for migrant workers seeking to learn English! These videos will be sent out to support ongoing language lessons. Finally, another group of students ran an unwanted shoe campaign partnering with Soles4Souls by collecting gently used shoes from our families, cleaning and organizing them, and ultimately shipping them off to the organization for micro-enterprise opportunities. Our knights collected over 15+ bags of shoes!

picture of kids's hands and rocks on grass

picture of decorated rocks on grass

picture of a boy taking a picture of two girls

picture of two girls behind many bags

Every afternoon, our Week Without Wall-ers shared meals with their fellow students and teachers and also debriefed the day. Reflections are forthcoming!

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