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Week Without Walls 2021: Day 2

  • 2020-2021

picture of three people holding paintbrushes painting a wall

It's day two of Week Without Walls!

One of our teams is traveling down West Coast Road every morning to Genesis School for Special Education to serve in campus improvement projects. Our students are working hard to help clear the grounds, develop their on-campus garden, and design and paint a colorful mural on one of their plain walls! A few artists are on this team and we're looking forward to seeing the final result! We're grateful for the small ways we can support another school in this very tangible way.

"Today was a very eye-opening experience as I got to start on a mural with my team in Genesis School. Not only did we get to bond as a team, but we also got to meet some of the students from Genesis School and briefly interacted with them as they came down to warmly greet us."

- G. Lee, Grade 11


"At Genesis, it was very inspiring and beautiful to see all the students and teachers painting the wall or weeding the playground to serve others. All of them were stretching and bending, just so that they could care for others."

- A. Jain, Grade 6


picture of three people holding paintbrushes painting a wall

picture of three people holding paintbrushes painting a wall

picture of two people painting a wall and two girls standing next to each other looking at the wall

picture of a girl holding a shovel and shovelling sand

On our own campus, students were working hard helping to upgrade our back fence. From moving heavy materials, mixing concrete, and carefully repositioning poles into cement, our middle and high school students kept their activity levels up and kept their smiles on their faces!

"Helping is fun! It is great helping to improve our school."

  • J. Park, Grade 8

picture of two boys carrying a fence together

picture of two girls standing next to each other holding a bucket

picture of two girls fixing the bottom of a fence with two buckets next to them on the grass


picture of a boy standing to another boy shovelling

Other teams served by building desks and painting them for the Science Lab. Check out some snapshots:

picture of two girls building a desk

picture of two girls holding a hammer, building a desk

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