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Week Without Walls 2020, Day 5

  • 2019-2020
Week Without Walls 2020, Day 5

large group of students posing at basketball court



Team Cambodia

large group of students sitting on cement stairs all wearing teal shirt



Team Cambodia was able to complete our portion of the project! We completed two sets of outdoor stadium style bleachers that are three levels. The contractors will take over from here and polish up what we started. The team was thrilled with what they accomplished. The entire high school came out to pray and dedicate the project near the end of the day.


"WWW isn't all about leaving the country to serve people in different countries, but it's a week to reflect and serve the people who you truly love and care for" - Robby M.



group of students mixing cement

Finishing the third row of the second set of seats on the field.

group of students building cement stairs



Completed three rows and starting on the final row at the first set of seats.

group of eight students sitting on cement stairs



Taking a quick break in between concrete mixing.

group of 9 people posing

Making friends with our contractors.

group of people throwing their gloves in the air


Celebrating a job well done.


Team Singapore

large group of people all wearing blue shirts



Today was our final day to get as much of the phase one concrete project completed on the elementary playground. We made good progress considering that at the beginning of the week we had to remove a few small trees and deep roots. In addition, our student artists completed the two large murals for the HS hallways. We spent some time in the morning with our 2nd and 3rd grade buddies, which was blessing for both our elementary and high school students! The time with our buddies this week allowed some relationships to develop between them. In all, it was a great week of being able to serve and bless our school!


"In the midst of intense work and discomfort, it's difficult to be appreciative. Now, I value this experience so much that I would never trade it for anything. Humble service is the best teacher." - Xaver D.



group of students mixing cement

Mixing concrete for the project.

group of 7 people posing



Enjoying the week spent together.

1 high school student and 4 elementary school students playing thumbs up seven up

Playing games with our elementary buddies.

3 students painting




Working on the murals.

large group of people sitting in a classroom all wearing blue shirts



Final team meeting.






Team Philippines

large group of students posing with paintings all wearing pink shirts


Today Team Manila finished up our beautiful murals, painted outdoors on the B-wing and the D-wing, and got to spend a lot of good quality time with our buddies playing games and talking about what we learned this week. We are grateful that as a team we were able to serve the maintenance staff by painting 12 classrooms, 3 halls, and touching up the outside of the D wing and the B wing.



"Today as we were painting outside with the oil paint, the smell was very strong, but then a 4th grade student walked up and said, 'oh it looks so much better!' and I realized how worth it this was." - Jezri L.

"Today as we were hanging out with our 4th grade buddies, I realized I didn't want to leave. We really bonded with them this week." - Kyle T.

"A 4th grader came up to me at snack time and asked if I needed them to bring their water bottle to wash my hands. I realized how much they were serving us too!" - Takahito U.



5 high school students talking to elementary students in a classroom

Hanging out with our buddies.

1 high school student talking to a large group of elementary students



Bonding with the 4th Graders.

a boy painting the wall

Painting the D Wing.

two girls painting the walls



a group of students painting the walls


Working on the walls facing the field.

2 students painting murals



Finishing up the murals.

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