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Week Without Walls 2020, Day 4

  • 2019-2020

Team Cambodia

boy wearing an orange cone on his head

Team Cambodia worked really hard today by picking up the pace. Students continued to mix cement and pour into our molds. We now have great processes in place and excellent student managers at each mixing site which means we are more efficient with our time. We are now more than 75% done with our project. The students are looking forward to completing this by the end of tomorrow.

"6 buckets of sand, 2 buckets of gravel, and 2 buckets of water. The master mixture to create a lasting impact on ICS soil. WWW was a great opportunity for us students to leave a mark on the campus, providing a good example for the generations ahead." - Caleb Y.

large group of people mixing cement to build stairs

Finishing the second row of the second set of seats on the field.

large group of people carrying cement over to build stairs

Completed two rows and starting on the third at the first set of seats.

3 students and 1 teacher mixing cement

Dr. Rader helped with the mixing of concrete.

group of people passing cement

He also joined the bucket brigade.

panel of high school students talking with large group of elementary students

Taking questions from the elementary students during their Spiritual Emphasis Week.


Team Singapore

group of 10 students posing

Day four brought a combination of activities and projects. After a brief start up with cement mixing, our students led chapel two different times, one with grade 2 and one with grade 3. The cement mixing project went full force in the afternoon, as well as the confirmed work on the art murals.

"This week the work has been hard but it is worth it! I learned that a common goal can bond people together." - Jaron T.

2 people placing a metal grid on the floor

Learning to tie rebar together.

large group of people mixing cement on a playground

Bird's eye view of the worksite

large group of people mixing cement

Further progress made on paving the ground.

a girl sitting on a bag of sand resting

Tiring but rewarding work.

5 high school students sitting in a line of chairs

Taking questions from the 2nd Graders during their Spiritual Emphasis Week.

Team Philippines

5 students posing

Team Manila painted classrooms and murals, led 4th and 5th grade chapel, played games with our fourth grade buddies, prepped our outdoor work space for the final day of work tomorrow, and spent time worshipping and studying God's word together. We are so grateful for the time we have had with one another serving our campus this week!

"I think heaven is going to sound like a group of children singing, just like in worship today with the elementary kids. They were singing so loud, you couldn't hear me on the microphone!" - Jeremy G.

5 students dancing with their arms in the air

Leading worship during elementary Spiritual Emphasis Week.

large group of people dancing

Leading worship during elementary Spiritual Emphasis Week.

large group of people playing dodgeball

Playing dodgeball with the 5th Graders.

high school student teaching elementary students how to play basketball

Conducting a basketball drill for the 5th Graders.

4 students painting murals

Continuing work on the murals.

1 student painting a wall

Completing painting works in the high school classrooms.

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