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Week Without Walls 2020, Day 3

  • 2019-2020
Week Without Walls 2020, Day 3

Team Cambodia

Team Cambodia continued to work hard at mixing and pouring cement into our stadium style seating framework. At this point the team has figured out an efficient routine to keep all students busy. Team Manila also assisted us today for a bit and offered a handful of students to help us.

"As much as I would like to have travelled to Cambodia for my last WWW, staying in school and serving the community here was valuable as it gave me the chance to give back to the school. Although tiresome, the days spent mixing cement have been good so far." - Sihan K.

Finishing the first row of the second set of seats on the field.

Second row of the first set of seats almost done.

Having 3 mixing stations made concrete production fast and efficient.

Taking a break from concreting by reading to K5 students.


Team Singapore

All hands were on deck this morning with moving rock, sand, and mixing cement! Students and leaders poured all of their energy into the playground cementing project. We were blessed by our 2nd and 3rd grade buddies with encouraging notes and energizing snacks to keep us going! Following lunch we met with our buddies in their classrooms for some games and activities, which was a nice break from the heat! Upon return from our buddies session, a small group of students worked on the art mural projects for our high school hallways, and the remainder of the students continued mixing cement. Students have been truly giving it their all and the progress certainly shows!

"I feel like WWW has been a good experience for me to give back to the community even though we had to work pretty hard and were exhausted. I still had fun serving and working for the kids with my teammates that I've bonded with over the past couple of days." - Sunny.

Making progress on paving the ground near the elementary school playground.

Receiving snacks and some words of encouragement from our elementary school buddies.

Hanging out with our elementary buddies.

Working on murals for the high school wing.

Team Philippines

Half way through the week! Today Team Manila led worship, painted several more classrooms, taught a brief lesson on the unexpected with the 4th-5th graders, and was able to help Team Cambodia transfer materials for their construction project.

"Everyone on the team has been very adaptable to work and serve wherever is needed, whether that was painting in the classrooms, on the field doing construction, or teaching a lesson to the elementary students." - Dietrich D.

Continuing work on the murals.


Hanging out with our buddies in 4th Grade.

Joining Team Cambodia out on the field.

Mixing concrete for the seats.

Having fun pouring concrete and bonding as a team.

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