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Week Without Walls 2020, Day 2

  • 2019-2020

Team Cambodia

large group of students sitting on stairs posing

Team Cambodia spent most of today mixing cement and pouring it into our molds for the stadium style seating. At the beginning of the day half of the team helped with the elementary Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) and were able to play a game, perform a skit, and organize a craft for all the k4-1st grades. Also throughout the day we gave students a break from hard labor by helping the elementary school with their reading program.

"My back is sore but we got a lot of work done today and we're proud of ourselves." - Bianca
"We all are learning to work together as a team." - Josie H.

1 student throwing an empty bucket and 1 student carrying a bucket of cement

Pouring cement for bleachers at the field.

5 students passing each other a bucket of cement

Forming a bucket brigade to get the concrete to the forms.

7 students performing a skit for a large group of elementary students

Performing a skit for elementary SEW.


Team Singapore

3 students carrying a metal grid

Our second day of serving on ICS campus was quite productive! Half of our students led chapel for our 2nd and 3rd grade buddies first thing this morning. Wow, these elementary students sure do have some energy! One of our high school students, Emma, presented a message about how God will use the unexpected things that happen in our lives. A few other students led some games and activities to connect to the theme for the elementary Spiritual Emphasis Week. After morning chapel, students returned to our two key work projects for the week. A handful of students began painting the large murals for the hallway and made some significant progress, while the majority of students and leaders shoveled sand and gravel for cement mixing. The area next to the children's playground is starting to take shape with two sections of concrete almost being completed. We look forward to a good night of rest tonight and for the work that lies ahead on day three!

"I really liked that all of us continued to pour in all of our effort in the construction and mural painting. Everyone in our team was helping each other and looked out for one another, which really helped bring the team closer." - Jemima S.


3 people mixing cement

Mixing cement for children's playground.

elementary students watching a high school worship music performance


Leading chapel for elementary school.

1 student painting a mural

Working on murals for the high school wing.

3 students painting a mural



Working on murals for the high school wing.



Team Philippines

high school student talking with a group of elementary students

Today, Team Manila painted more classrooms and hallways, led worship in Elementary SEW, and let the 4th and 5th grade chapel session, and continued painting mural for the high school hallways. We also had the awesome opportunity to have fun with the 4th and 5th graders by playing "king of the court" dodgeball!

"My highlight from today was leading the dances during Spiritual Emphasis Week because the kids were very enthusiastic and got into it." - Denise M

"Through WWW 2020, I learned that ANYONE can be a difference maker through their behaviors. Even small little actions can inspire and encourage others to try new things by walking away from their comfort zones. You don't need to be someone who is wealthy or famous in order to make a difference for others. The REAL difference maker is formed with a pure heart, pure mind, bravery, and pure faith." - Lisa S.


5 high school students sitting at a group of desks

Sharing during small groups.

group of students painting the walls white


Painting the high school classrooms.

group of high school students painting the walls white

Painting the high school classrooms.

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