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Week Without Walls 2020 Day 1

  • 2019-2020
Week Without Walls 2020 Day 1

"WWW 2020 is looking different than it ever has before. As soon as we knew about the changes due to COVID-19, we knew we weren't going to let the virus steal our joy in serving and being difference makers right here on our own campus. This week, the high school students will have the joy to serve ICS, a place that has poured into them, by repainting classrooms, expanding the upper elementary playground, building stadium seating on the field, and through leading elementary SEW worship, chapels, and small groups. The Elementary SEW's theme is The Unexpected, which is exactly what God is up to in the lives of our students, school, and nation.

The heartbeat of WWW hasn't changed: we still want the students to leave this experience changed, we want them to have the opportunity to serve in an authentic way, and our goal is that students are able to find the true value of service and form deeper bonds with each other. We want them to go and be difference-makers every day in their lives. Stay tuned for more updates from each team on their progress as they go about serving the ICS community!"

- Ms. Alicia Bandy


Team Cambodia

Team Cambodia is constructing two sets of stadium-style concrete bleachers out near the soccer field. The team spent the first half the day moving supplies, such as rocks, sand, cement, wood, and rebar, from the car park to the field. The second half was spent mixing and pouring cement. We also had the opportunity to interact with the K4-1st classes during their lunch recess. The team met for a devotion and sharing time at the end of the day.

"The hardest I had to work for fun" - Jon W.

"We really like doing this work. It's hard but it brings us together." - Min Ji K.


Team Singapore

Today commenced the first day of our WWW service learning week. Team Singapore started two different projects on campus. Students and leaders began clearing out roots and dirt in the area next to the children's playground. This area will eventually be filled with concrete. The second project students started today was sketching two large canvas murals for the Wing A hallway area. In addition to the physical work, students spent time doing some activities and games with the 2nd and 3rd-grade classes. The high school students and the elementary students had a fun time together!

"This is the first time I'm serving my school and it's been a unique experience so far. I realized today that wherever you serve, it will always be good and beneficial for everyone." - Shia K.


Team Philippines

Team Manila painted all of the classrooms and the hall way of the first hall in the A wing! We also had a team of dynamic worship team leaders that led at all three sessions of Elementary SEW. All of our team got to do a lesson on Esther and Mordecai with the 4th and 5th grade students! All in all we are grateful for a productive first day and a team of loving teammates!

"When painting the halls with my team and seeing the joy within the group I knew God had a lot in store for the week" - Tahlia H.


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