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ICS now two years "SG Clean"

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As of July 2021, International Community School (Singapore) is once again “SG Clean.” 

This quality mark, which expired for ICS in June this year, is awarded by the National Environmental Agency of Singapore to premises that display high standards of sanitation and hygiene. Part of a nationwide “keep clean culture” campaign started in February 2020, SG Clean is intended to promote sound public health practices for both individuals and institutions—a particularly vital initiative in the face of COVID-19.1

For ICS, this year’s recertification followed a similar procedure to last year’s. A rigorous NEA audit was conducted on everything from management oversight and cleaning methodology, to toilet cleanliness and general public hygiene.2

The audit was handled by Arnel Sabio, a member of ICS' maintenance staff.

On the recertification process, Anjo Tejamo, ICS’ Facilities Manager, stated, “We were required to enhance our existing cleaning and disinfection methodology. Thankfully, our facilities are all in good shape, with a well-documented maintenance record as clear evidence of this. Being one of only eleven private, non-MOE schools that are certified, I believe the culture of hygiene we have at ICS is on par with the best in Singapore. And, of course, this is all made possible by our passionate students, faculty, and staff!”

Despite the ongoing pandemic, those same students, faculty, and staff will have their eyes set on continuing to fight the good (clean) fight in the upcoming school year—both inside and outside the school premises.

1. About SG Clean

2. Assessment checklist for schools

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