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ICS Enhances Fitness Facilities at GOS in Commemoration of 30th Anniversary 

International Community School (ICS) recently contributed to the enhancement of sports facilities at Grace Orchard School (GOS), our neighboring school serving children with special needs.The initiative was made possible through the proceeds from our 30th Anniversary Art Auction. 

The donation included three pieces of equipment, two stationary bikes and one treadmill, valued at a total of $5,000.  This contribution was further bolstered by a $1,000 discount generously provided by Sole Fitness. The equipment was delivered, assembled, and celebrated by key figures from both schools, ICS parent representatives, and a student representative, whose artwork was pivotal in the fundraising. 

Ms. Esther Kwan, Principal of GOS, expressed her gratitude and enthusiasm, highlighting the school's longstanding aspiration to establish a workout gym. The donated equipment represents a significant step towards realizing this vision, igniting excitement among students and faculty alike.

The collaborative effort between ICS and GOS exemplifies the power of community-driven initiatives in fostering positive change and enriching educational experiences. As the donated sports equipment takes its place at GOS, it serves as a tangible symbol of solidarity, shared values, and the transformative impact of altruism within the realm of education.


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