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ICS bags 5 wins in Singapore Education Awards

Nov 8, 2022 - HoneyKids Asia announced the winners of their Singapore Education Awards 2022 which celebrates the outstanding achievements, efforts, and contributions of the best international schools in the island. Together with votes from the general public, the Singapore Education Awards also recognizes and celebrates honorable principals and teachers in the international school scene. 

International Community School (Singapore) was nominated for Best Small School Award and Student Wellbeing Award and won gold for both categories. 

Best Small School of Singapore is a category for schools with under 700 students. As HoneyKids puts it, ”This school may be small, but it doesn’t mean it scrimps on quality! With a school this size, every child feels heard, accepted and nurtured. In this school, students are given the opportunity to reach their fullest potential through innovative educational programs.”

Student Wellbeing Award recognises a school that addresses the unique needs of its students in a way that has a positive impact on student wellbeing. This school ensures that all aspects of its students’ wellbeing are met: mental and physical health, physical and emotional safety, and sense of purpose. It shows strong advocacy in supporting students to make healthy lifestyle choices, helping them to be more steadfast in managing their physical and mental health.

Two teachers and a principal from ICS also garnered the top public votes: Mr. Darryl Harding, ICS Middle School and High School principal received the Best Secondary School Principal award; Mr. Jean-Loup Francois, ICS Middle School Technology teacher received the Best Secondary Teacher award, and Mr. Elmer Dizon, 4th Grade Homeroom Teacher received the Best Elementary Teacher award. 

The Best Principal of the Year award embodies a principal who is “a master problem-solver, motivator and well-rounded individual, this principal is all about understanding the strengths and needs of their staff and students. They are knowledgeable about all things classroom and school-related. They play an active role in supporting students, lifting them up so they can be the best they can be.”

The Best Teacher of the Year award celebrates teachers who not only show a broad knowledge of subject matter and curriculum but are always enthusiastic and ready to help out. They are caring and demonstrate a love of learning, which reflects in everything they do in and out of the classroom. It’s obvious that they’re all about making a difference, which you can see in their hoards of adoring students

As of 2022, there are about 63 international schools in the island with differing campus sizes, price points, and curriculum. HoneyKids Asia, being a parenting and lifestyle platform, launched the HoneyKids Asia Singapore Education Awards last year to highlight and celebrate outstanding schools through the assessment of a panel of judges from the education sector. ICS won silver in last year's award of School Where Everybody Knows Your Name as well as Best Primary School from another award-giving body. 

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