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ICS Among Best Schools Named for Teenagers' Seamless Transition to Singapore

Embarking on a new chapter in a different country is both exhilarating and challenging, especially for teenagers navigating the complexities of adolescence. Recognizing the unique needs of expat families relocating to Singapore, WhichSchoolAdvisor Singapore recently featured ICS in an article titled “When, Where: Moving to Singapore with a Teen.” The article sheds light on crucial decisions parents and teens need to make when it comes to education, with ICS standing out as a beacon for successful transitions.

A standout voice in the article is Mr. Darryl Harding, the Middle and High School Principal at ICS. With years of experience in education, Mr. Harding, a respected figure in the field, provides valuable insights into the decisions parents and teenagers face – from selecting the right school to determining the optimal time for the move.

Read about how ICS stands out as the top choice for families relocating to Singapore, offering a supportive and enriching educational experience. Mr. Darryl Harding's expert advice in the article reinforces the commitment of ICS to guide teenagers and their families through a seamless transition, ensuring a successful and fulfilling academic journey in their new home.

ICS is celebrated for its comprehensive support system that helps teenagers settle into their new school seamlessly. The caring and experienced faculty, coupled with a vibrant and inclusive student community, fosters a sense of belonging. Our school's commitment to providing a nurturing environment allows teenagers to acclimate quickly and make the most of their educational journey in Singapore. New students are paired with companions through our buddy program and the circle of friends’ program to foster connections.