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ES, MS students tackle world issues at prestigious global summit

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ICS' Middle School representatives at the Global Youth Leaders Summit were all from Grade 8 – JiYoo M. (from left), Shalom O., and Aimee P.

On November 13, seven students from International Community School (Singapore) were among the privileged few selected to attend a virtual Global Youth Leaders Summit, hosted by the Harmony Tree World Debate Society (HTWDS), live from Washington, D.C. The ICS students who attended were from both Elementary—Evelyn K. (Grade 4), Sarah K. (G5), Simone J. (G5), and Evan P. (G5)—and Middle School—Grade 8 students Aimee P., Shalom O., and JiYoo M.

The two-hour long summit was comprised of a focused group of 50 youth from across the Asia-Pacific region, gathering with the goal of empowering the next generation of youth leaders "to lead, connect, and transform" each other and the world, critically and compassionately. The leaders were handpicked by Brianna Curran, a "30 Under 30" leader and member of the Aspen Institute, a non-profit think tank with "a reputation for gathering diverse, nonpartisan thought leaders, creatives, scholars and members of the public to address some of the world's most complex problems." Many of these world problems—from world hunger to climate change, and more—were on the docket for discussion and debate at the summit, which was spearheaded by Ms. Curran. The summit featured insights and pedagogy from industry experts and thought-leaders, case studies, and roundtable discussions.

Evelyn K. (G4) (from left), Simone J. (G5), Sarah K. (G5), and Evan P. (G5) were the ES students chosen to attend the summit.

On the event, Shalom O. (G8) commented, "“It was truly a unique experience to meet such passionate people of different ages from all around the world to learn more about leadership. Such initiatives as this are helpful to inspire young people to become better leaders.”

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