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Attendance Policy Regarding COVID-19

In light of the increasing prevalence of COVID-19 cases in Singapore and the government’s latest protocols on living with COVID-19, the school would like to clarify its attendance policy for its students. 

  1. Social responsibility is key: We ask all parents and guardians to monitor your student’s health daily and ensure that students who exhibit flu-like symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, sore throat etc.) stay home and ART test. If there is a confirmed positive case in the household, please do ART test your student before sending them to school.

  2. Excused vs. unexcused absences: Please review the following table to determine your child’s eligibility for excused absences.

Excused Absence Unexcused Absence
  • Student tests positive for COVID-19*
  • Student tests negative for COVID-19 but is feeling unwell 

*Please note, your student may exit isolation if they test ART negative after the initial 72-hour window.

  • Student tests negative for COVID-19 and is asymptomatic 
  • Student tests negative for COVID-19, is asymptomatic, and lives with a confirmed positive COVID-19 case in the household 

Please refer to the Student Handbook (Section 3.5) for more information about the school’s attendance policy. 

If you have any questions on the above, please contact Jyl Neri at