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How-To Video Guides

Website Guide

We are excited to launch the redesign of our new school website! If you've made it this far, congratulations! In order to improve user experience, slight adjustments were made, including the sitemap and the location of various resources. We've recorded these handy video guides to walk you through some of those changes. 

Intro & Home Page

Check out the new home page elements and how to navigate to the updated Community Portals. 

Parent Portal

See the new content organized in the Parent Portal and where to find most frequently sought after resources. 


Review how to access our new and improved calendar and how to sync it to your personal calendar manager. 

Submit your feedback on the website at the link below:

Feedback Form

Parent Apps GuideThere are many tools our school uses to improve the student and learning experience for our community. Among them are 3 web platforms that are integral to student life: PowerSchool, Schoology, and Campus Online. We've recorded these short how-to videos to navigate each platform and find the information you need at the click of a button. 

Schoology Tutorial

Schoology is the main communications platform for class communications and schoolwide communications. 

PowerSchool Tutorial

PowerSchool is where you will find official student records for attendance, final grades, and tuition invoices. 

CampusOnline Tutorial

Campus Online is connected to your student's Campus ID card and is how you can pay for school-related purchases and register for certain events.