Parent Apps

Parent Apps

Parents/Guardians are given accounts to access school web-based applications where they are able to view student's daily activities, communcate with teachers (Schoology), view or download student attendance, records and reports (Powerschool), and manage funds and purchases (Campus Online).

Click the app icons below to access your account and maximize your use of each app! 


Please do not install the PowerSchool, Schoolgy or Campus Online apps from the Google Play store / Apple Store. The downloaded app version does not support the full features of the ICS Parent IT Apps.

The full features are only available in the web-version.

Please login your accounts using a desktop / web browser for best user experience!

schoology logo

Schoology FAQ

With Schoology, students can digitally submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback from their teachers. As a parent, you will be able to view your child's activity within the platform and view announcements from teachers.

Note: All grades will be entered in PowerSchool, not Schoology.

*Access ID and Password is sent to you via e-mail. Please contact if you may need it to be re-sent.


schoology login screenshot

Access the schoology sign-up page, then enter your student's Access Code. This was sent to you via email.


schoology login screenshot with password

Fill in your name, desired name, email address and password, then click Register.


schoology dashboard example

You have now successfully created an account and linked your student. Click 'next' on the 'Welcome to Your Schoology' for a quick introduction and how-to-navigate your page. If you have more than one student, click on the down arrow beside your name on the upper right hand corner, and click 'Add Child', then type in your other student's access code to link it.