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Financial Information


All tuition and fees for International Community School (Singapore) are stated in Singapore Dollars. International Community School (Singapore) accepts payment for school fees in the form of local checks, cash, bank-to-bank, and wire transfers. Checks should be crossed and made payable to “International Community School (S) Ltd." International Community School (Singapore) does not accept post-dated checks. For bank-to-bank or wire transfers please ensure the student's name and ID number are referenced to enable us to credit the account correctly. Please email a bank confirmation advice to All bank charges are to be borne by the remitter.

Banking Information

Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited
Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 1
8 Marina Boulevard, Level 29
Singapore - 018981

Interbank Fund Transfer Instructions:

Bank Code: 9496 (routing number)
Branch Code: #003
Bank Account No: 0301206570
Account Currency: Sing Dollars
Sort Code / BSB No**: N/A

*For international wires only
**Sort code and BSB no. are required for banks located in the U.K.& Australia


UEN: 199303918N - INTL Community School S L

First page of the PDF file: PayNowCode

Payment Policies

For new students, all fees are due within 30 days of invoicing or the first day of class, whichever comes first.  

For returning students, all fees are invoiced in May and due by July 15.  Accounts with an unpaid balance past the due date are subject to an Administrative Fee as outlined in our Payment Policies. 

All students must have one of the following statuses to be admitted to class:

  1. Confirmation of full payment of all tuition and fees for the enrolled period

  2. Admittance into the Semester Installment program and payment of all fees and 50% of the annual tuition

  3. Acceptance in the GIRO payment program and confirmation of being current on that payment schedule

Students who are not current on their payments at the beginning of a semester will not be allowed to start classes.

Part-time students must make full payment of all part-time course tuition and fees to begin class.

International Community School (Singapore) offers two payment options for parents who are interested in splitting up tuition fee payments:

  • Payment in two installments: one before starting school, the second by November 30. Note if the second semester payment is not received by December 1, we will not guarantee placement for the second semester and a $350 Administrative Fee will apply.
  • Payment by GIRO: Tuition paid in a maximum of 10 payments, with the last installment due by May 1.

Download the GIRO form here
Read more about our payment policies here.

Contact the Finance Department at for more information.

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