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Elementary School

Elementary School Principal

 Recognizing that each student is created as a wonderfully unique individual, our aim is to support each child to develop their natural talents and skills at an age-appropriate level. 

At the Elementary School, our key emphasis and commitment are to the student; therefore, we will teach them the right attitude, skills, and knowledge that are crucial to their future success.

- Mr. Samuel Goh
Elementary School Principal

Elementary School Calendar

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Sun, May 28
Mon, May 29
K5 Parent Talk
K5 Moving Up Ceremony
Tue, May 30
ES Award Ceremony
Thu, Jun 1
Sat, Jun 3
Sun, Jun 4
Mon, Jun 5
Tue, Jun 6
Wed, Jun 7
Thu, Jun 8
Fri, Jun 9
Sat, Jun 10
Sun, Jun 11
Mon, Jun 12
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Wed, Jun 28
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Fri, Jun 30
Sat, Jul 1

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