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Valid Passes for Admissions

All students enrolled at ICS must hold one of the following valid passes:

  1. Student pass
  2. Dependent pass
  3. Exemption Order/Diplomatic pass
  4. PR

Students will not be allowed to enter school or remain in school with an invalid or expired pass.

For Student Pass holders - It is the responsibility of parent(s)/guardian(s) to request Student Pass renewal from the school at least 6 weeks before expiration of their current pass. As and when Student Pass holder’s passport has been renewed or changed, parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to submit copy of the renewed or new passport to student record office.

All international students who have been accepted and offered a place as a full time student at ICS are required to have a valid pass: Dependent, Diplomatic, Student, or Proof of PR status issued by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Only student who hold a valid pass will be allowed to attend school.
It is the parent(s)/guardian(s) responsibility to:

  1. Obtain the proper passes prior to entering school
  2. Keep the passes up-to-date
  3. Submit the most recent copy to the school Student record office

Students who would require a Student Pass will be:

  1. Students whose parents are permanent residents of Singapore
  2. Neither Parent has an employment pass
  3. Students not eligible for Dependent Pass
  4. Change of school

Applications for a new student pass and its renewal require considerable amount of time. Some applicant’s may experience complications, delay and even rejection. Approval of a Student pass is solely the decision of ICA and the school does not have any authority or influences over it. Student Pass issued is not transferrable and will expire upon the student ceasing to be a Student of ICS.

Please plan accordingly.

Application Procedure for Student Pass

A new application for Student Pass must be submitted at least one month before entering school through the ICA’s Student Pass OnLine Application & Registration+ (SOLAR+) system. ICS admissions office will assist the student in the registration process.

Cancellation Procedure for Student Pass

Cancellation of an ICS student pass holder applies to the following status:

  1. Repatriate/permanently leave for another country
  2. Transfer to another school in Singapore
  3. Completed his/her course of studies at ICS
  4. Applying for another type of Pass

Cancellation Procedure

  1. Upon receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the Parent(s)/Guardian(s), or information about non- returning and graduating students, the Student Records Office will immediately cancel the student pass through the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) online facility. ICS is under an obligation to inform ICA of the student’s withdrawal.
  2. Once ICA has issued the Notification for Cancellation, usually within 5 days, the Student Records Office will forward it to the Parent(s)/Guardian(s).This document is required for immigration clearance at the point of departure from Singapore.
  3. The student is under an obligation to surrender the Student pass:
    • (a) To the ICA at the point of departure from Singapore
    • (b) To ICA Office.

Our mission is to educate minds and transform lives to impact the world for the glory of God. Our teachers view each student as a unique individual created by God, thus take seriously their responsibility to teach, encourage, and guide them. With a low student-teacher ratio and students from over 26 nations, ICS is a fully accredited K-12 international school teaching an American curriculum with a Biblical worldview. Since our founding in 1993, we foster a caring community committed to provide each student with a quality, holistic education within and beyond the classroom. Alongside academics, we instill in each student a love and respect for all cultures, a zeal for lifelong learning, and a passion for personal excellence.


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