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Principals' Pen

A space to share convictions, reflections, and dreams on education at ICS.

Honoring the Honorable

There I sat, sitting in my friend's car listening to his daughter tell us the story of her graduating class. It wasn't what I expected. She attended a school much like ICS - small, Christian, and full of caring teachers and parents, so her experience during what should be a fond memory for many …

Posted by Kelley Ditzenberger in High School on Thursday February 4, 2016
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Contract or Covenant?

In Western culture, contracts are common. We sign, initial, check boxes, press “continue to agree” almost without much thought...OK, I admit, often with no thought whatsoever. They are ubiquitous, onerous, and when they are forty pages to an EULA, just a tad bit annoying. To some extent the basis …

Elementary Chapel & Bible Class

Two years ago during a curriculum review, we noticed that our chapels and Bible classes were not covering the same content. After much discussion and collaboration with our classroom teachers, we decided to create a cohesive Bible curriculum for both. We want chapel and Bible class to be a time that…

Posted by Erin Alary in Elementary School on Tuesday September 1, 2015 at 01:20PM
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An APt APproach to AP exams

Every May about a half of our high school students sit down for the culmination of a year’s worth of work. Oops, wrong school system. That’s not, actually, how we view AP exams at ICS, nor any exam. An exam is a tool to measure learning, but it is not the final arbiter of all things valuable. It is …

Posted by Kelley Ditzenberger in High School on Friday August 14, 2015
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Tag: Education

HS Chapel

One year ago, after reading an article given to me by Katie den Hartog, our middle school principal, and then hearing from some of our student leaders, I was convinced that we needed to make some significant changes in the way we "do" chapel, now known as The Gathering. The conclusion was clear:

Posted by Kelley Ditzenberger in High School on Friday June 12, 2015
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Block Schedule for High School

When I came to ICS as a teacher in 2007, my most recent teaching assignment was in a high school in the U.S. that used the block schedule. As a teacher, I liked it. I had taught in the traditional, seven period system in a middle school before experiencing the block schedule, so I wasn't sure what I…

Posted by Kelley Ditzenberger in High School on Saturday February 28, 2015
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Why We Use MAP Testing

When I moved to Singapore ten and a half years ago, I felt as though the Island was immense. I was given a listing of all the busses and where they went, but mostly I just relied on friends to tell me what bus to take and where to get off (this was a world before smart phones). Since, by bus it took…

Posted by Katie den Hartog in Middle School, Elementary School on Tuesday February 3, 2015
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Making Healthy Transitions

As we move into this first month of the second semester, I have been thinking about transitions. We, as adults, make transitions all the time, and I think sometimes we forget how hard it can be for kids. After reflecting on my personal experience growing up overseas and reading up more on this …

Posted by Erin Alary in High School, Middle School, Elementary School on Thursday January 8, 2015
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Emphasizing the Spiritual at ICS


At ICS our cores values help us to live out our mission, which is to educate minds and transform lives to impact the world for the glory of God. Maintaining a biblical worldview, developing an ever-more caring community, holistically nurturing and educating each student, and striving for personal …

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader (AR) reading incentive program is a cloud-based program used to encourage and excite students to read. It is not a program that replaces the school's reading program. Rather, it motivates students to read books that are within their reading range, test on the comprehension of …

Posted by Erin Alary in Elementary School on Monday November 3, 2014
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Our mission is to educate minds and transform lives to impact the world for the glory of God. Our teachers view each student as a unique individual created by God, thus take seriously their responsibility to teach, encourage, and guide them. With a low student-teacher ratio and students from over 26 nations, ICS is a fully accredited K-12 international school teaching an American curriculum with a Biblical worldview. Since our founding in 1993, we foster a caring community committed to provide each student with a quality, holistic education within and beyond the classroom. Alongside academics, we instill in each student a love and respect for all cultures, a zeal for lifelong learning, and a passion for personal excellence.


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