ICS Varsity Soccer Team: Silver Medalists

ICS Varsity Soccer Team: Silver Medalists

U19 ICS Soccer Team Recap for the Season

The Under-19 ICS Soccer team won a silver medal at the ACSIS Division 3 Championship last week. The team played against Chatsworth International School for their final game and came close to winning with the score of 3-2 after extra time. The ICS Soccer team is currently ranked 2nd in Division 3. Here is Coach Josh Sokolow's thoughts for this soccer season.

Members of the 2017 U-19 Soccer Team: Seong Woo Hong (Jim), Jin Wook Kim, Jevan Koh, Jason Law, Jong Sung Lee (Chris), Casey Mackinnon, Roby Mackinnon, Shreyan Mallik, Jung Min Park, Taeyong (Daniel) Park, Scott Strong, Derrian Susilo, Bryan Tan, Kean Tan, Ryo Wakabayashi

Are there any significant moments/memories that you can share with us about this season's Soccer Team?

We met at the end of 2016 and discussed what needed to change to get us into the finals since we've had the same goal (to win the Gold!) for the past three years. At the meeting, we discussed our game plan and the necessity to come into the season physical ready. I gave the boys a summer workout plan, and this allowed us to hit the ground running without having to work overtime on getting their base levels of fitness up. We recently sent our team to play a Division 1 level in a 7 v 7 tournament without three of our best players and we ended up winning because we played to our strengths. Our two best players Casey McKinnon and Jung Min Park, carried us to victory with their passing and goals. The role players played intelligently and worked hard so that we could maximize our chances and get the ball to our two best players.

What were the challenges of the team and how did you all overcome that?

We've had several of our key players had injuries and have missed out on games and practices. But other guys just stepped up and filled their roles to the best of their abilities. Again, that 7 v 7 tournament was a key match to test their mental capabilities and it proved to the guys that with hard work and team effort, they could win!

What are the strengths (mental/emotional/physical) of the team?

In terms of in game strengths, we're really great at set pieces (free kicks, corner kicks). We have a lot of passion for the game plus great service from our set piece takers, which is the common formula for scoring on set pieces. The boys also enjoy playing the game and playing as a team. So that translates into a sacrificial play that's uncharacteristic in male sports teams. We have zero egos and these guys will die for each other on the field.

Coach Sokolow's last thoughts for this soccer season.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to coach this group - with a special mention to the Seniors of 2018! I came into ICS in 2015 hearing about this "Sophomore class" full of real soccer players that had played together for years coming up through the ranks. My first year was tough because I was considered the outsider. I had to build and earn their trust. I think I did that. I believe I'll stay in touch with them as they move on to university and beyond. They are really talented soccer players but more importantly, they're great guys with strong character. Credit goes to the school, parents and each other within the group for believing in them and helping them to grow in wisdom and in stature. Throughout this year, they have lived out the Bible verse of Proverbs 27:17 - "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." God has blessed me with these group of guys that have shown me what teamwork and hardwork is all about.