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A Playground for Manila
A Playground for Manila
ICS 3rd graders turn Social Studies class into fundraising project for Philippine's ministry.

In a span of 6 months, the ICS 3rd graders have raised $2,940.75 SGD to Kids International Ministry in Manila. This donation will help build a new playground on their property, as well as to be used for other needs. "It all started when I shared with my class about what I did with K.I.M over fall break," says 3rd grade teacher, Mandy Chaplin, "once they heard about what the ministry was doing and their impact on the children they care for, they were passionate to help. This project is entirely their idea." Working alongside her co-teacher, Erika Mejia, Chaplin has spent their classes' social studies period teaching economics and business - ultimately giving the 3rd graders the opportunity to develop a model of their fundraising project, and carry it out.

The 3rd graders first created products to sell (handmade Christmas coloring books, notebooks, flower kits, and more). Then they advertised them to the other classes and parents through pre-order flyers and the promotional video below. Finally, they delivered them. The 3rd graders also organized a free-dress day when any elementary student may have a uniform-free day if they donated $0.50 to the K.I.M. playground fund. Some students also spent their time outide of school to sell their items to friends and neighbors throughout Singapore.

"I'm so proud of them," says Chaplin, "They are learning so well what it means to live productively, which is this month's Expected Student Outcome focus, and are showing Christ's love in their desire to help others.