International Community School (Singapore) is "SG Clean" Certified
International Community School (Singapore) is "SG Clean" Certified

International Community School (Singapore) was awarded the SG Clean certification in December 2020, becoming one of just eight private, non-MOE schools to be awarded this certification in Singapore. The SG Clean campaign was launched in February 2020 by the National Environment Agency (NEA) in an effort to "rally stakeholders and members of the public to do their part, by adopting good personal habits and social responsibility, to raise standards of cleanliness and public hygiene in Singapore and safeguard public health."

Mr. Anjo Tejamo, Facilities Manager at ICS, said, "Our facilities team, teachers and staff have all done a great job elevating the level of cleanliness at ICS, ensuring that our students are learning in a safe and clean environment."

The certification process required over two months of extensive documentation and also included a formal NEA audit of ICS' internal processes. Though all MOE schools are required to undergo SG Clean certification, international schools, including ICS, are not required as of yet. Discussing the benefits of the certification, Mr. Tejamo said, "This certification is evidence of the government's confidence that ICS is on par with Singapore standards for cleanliness. The auditor commented that we are actually doing more than what is required for SG Clean certification. ICS can only benefit from this certification."

In light of the ongoing pandemic and the need for a robust health and safety program in international schools today, ICS is committed to going above and beyond in improving its processes and policies for the well-being of our community members.

1. list updated as of 29 December 2020