May 6, Updated May Covid-19 Safety Protocols
May 6, Updated May Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Dear ICS community,

It is amazing to realize that we are down to 17 school days left in the school year. It has been a wonderful year in many respects as we have had the good fortune to enjoy face-to-face learning for the entire year. We have the Singapore government to thank for their careful handling of the Covid-19 threat. Their measured response has led to the recent announcement that, due to the recent increase in community cases, schools and various public businesses and facilities will need to re-institute many of the protocols that were in place earlier in the school year. What follows are some of the adjustments that we will be making in order to safely finish the last four weeks of the school year.

I will not share all of the updates to our existing protocol, but I will highlight some of the key areas here:

  • Parents will only be allowed on campus to pick up students for doctor's appointments or first aid pickup. Otherwise, parents will not be allowed on campus. Parents will be asked to continue to stay in their car for pick-up and drop-off.
  • In line with the government decree, all students will need to have the TraceTogether app or token by May 17 in order to enter school. No other forms of entry will be allowed.
  • All inter-school sports with other international or local schools will cease. Team practices after school will continue, adhering to the new restrictions. Reach out to your child's coach for more information about their specific sport or team.
  • Starting on Monday, May 10, all students will move directly to their classroom after checking in at the beginning of the day. Students will no longer have outdoor recess before school in the morning.
  • All field trips for the rest of the year have been canceled.
  • The following events will move to a virtual format:
    • 5th Grade Parent Night
    • Sports Awards Night
    • Middle and High School Awards Ceremonies
    • Shark Tank Expo
  • K5 Graduation and HS Graduation – there will be more information forthcoming from our two Principals, Mr. Kershner and Mr. Harding, about how these ceremonies will be held.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. This sudden shift in protocols and mandates from MOH and CPE has required us to make some difficult decisions. Our hope is that, despite the adjustments, the students will finish the year on a high note. Thank you again for entrusting your children to us. It has been a joy to serve them and you this year.


Dr. James P. Rader