May 22, Updates to School Operations
May 22, Updates to School Operations

May 22, Updates to School Operations

Dear ICS Community,

Greetings as we begin this holiday weekend. As we close in on the last two weeks of the year, I want to begin by praising God for his mercies and sustaining grace during these last few months. These have been uncertain times. I wish I could extend a personal thank you to each of you who have prayed for the school. We have felt those prayers and continue to be encouraged by them. We are extremely excited for our seniors as they finish their high school journey, and we want to congratulate them on a job well done. We invite you to join us next Friday evening (May 29) to celebrate our seniors and their accomplishments. The link for the graduation ceremony will be ready for viewing at 6:30pm on our website.

There are several additional items I want you to be aware of as we bring this school year to a close:

I would first like to provide you with a gentle reminder that the official last day of school is June 4. We are currently working to finalize our plan for the return of textbooks and technology on June 4, 5, 8, and 9. At this point, we will likely only be able to allow parents to access the campus on those dates to return student books and technology. We are working with the government to complete this plan and will share the plan to return textbooks and technology with the community early next week.

ICS has also spent a great deal of time working with Goh Transport. The bus company sent out a letter to bus riders outlining the handling of refunds for bus fees for April, May, and the first week of June. Families with bus riders should have a letter from Goh Transport in their possession as of today. If your children ride the bus and you have not received that letter, please contact so we can assist you.

There have been some inquiries about the beginning of our school year in August and what our opening will look like. With the announcement this week from the government explaining how Singapore will be easing out of the circuit breaker in three phases it is not clear what impact that will have on schools by the time August arrives. We will be watching closely to see how Singapore local schools re-open and operate during June and July, as well as following directives from CPE. At this point, we have several plans that we are developing but ultimately hope that we will be able to begin the school year face-to-face. We will send out more information over the summer as the government provides additional clarification.

We have also revised our academic calendar for the 2020-2021 school year to include an additional five days of instruction. September 30, October 1-2, February 10, and April 29 have been added as additional instructional days. Please see the updated academic calendar here or look on the Parent Portal.

As noted in my letter sent to you on April 28, we are committed to supporting our community through Covid-19. ICS designates approximately 10% of our operating budget to financial aid for families. We are dedicated to our core value Caring Community, and we continue to come alongside ICS families who have expressed needs regarding tuition and finances for the next school year due to Covid-19. Should you have any concerns regarding tuition or finances next year, please contact our Business Manager, Sarah Majestic.

Thank you again for your support. You have been wonderful partners in this unusual journey we have shared together.


Dr. J.P. Rader