March 19, Spring break extended till March 27, online learning commences March 30
March 19, Spring break extended till March 27, online learning commences March 30

Dear ICS Community,

Thank you for your support of ICS through these last few unexpected weeks. This past week of spring break has seen an increase in government restrictions regarding travel. The ICS leadership team has continued to proactively work this week to stay on top of the situation. As we have said from the beginning, our utmost priority is the health and safety of our students, staff, and the broader ICS community.

To that end, I have made the decision to extend spring break for our students through next week, March 23-27. The ICS leadership and faculty will be on campus preparing for online learning, which will commence on March 30 and continue through April 7. ICS was already scheduled to be closed to students April 8-12 for faculty in-service and the Easter holiday.

In choosing to extend spring break for another week and then proceed to implement online learning, we considered the following information:

  • The Ministry of Education (MOE) today released a statement that they will be opening schools next week. However, any staff or students who have traveled since March 14 will be placed on a 14-day leave of absence (LOA) from March 20. We will begin issuing LOAs tomorrow, March 20, via email and post.
  • The Singapore government announced that, regardless of destination, from March 20, 2359 hrs, all returning Singapore residents will be issued a stay-home notice (SHN) when they re-enter Singapore. If you receive an SHN, you are required to notify ICS as soon as you receive the SHN.
  • Many international schools in Singapore are extending their spring breaks to be two weeks beginning next week.
  • ICS had several teachers, as well as students and families, who traveled over the break, which will either be issued LOAs or SHNs. By delaying the start of on-campus classes to April 13, affected staff and families will have an opportunity to serve their LOAs and SHNs without interruption.

Please continue to update your travel declaration form to ensure ICS has accurate information regarding your family's travels. ICS 旅行申报 - 请点击此处以使用中文填写表格。 ICS 여행 신고지- 본 설문조사를 한글로 작성하기를 원할 경우 클릭.

To summarize the next three weeks for our community:

March 23-27
ICS students will remain at home on an additional week of spring break. ICS teachers will report to school to prepare for online classes. Next Tuesday, we will send out additional information to families regarding picking up textbooks, computers, iPads, and Chromebooks on campus.

March 30 – April 3
ICS students will participate in online learning from home. Principals and teachers will be in contact next week with their various classes to organize class schedules for the week. The MS Faithworks program will be postponed until we reopen the campus.

April 6-10
We previously announced that we would not hold on-campus classes for high school on April 6-7. This will now be extended to all students, and online learning will continue for April 6-7. April 8-10 will continue to be a scheduled holiday for students.

Our desire is to reopen campus for face-to-face learning on April 13, but we will continue to monitor the government's recommendations and connect with other international schools in Singapore to make the best decisions for our students, staff, and community.

Thank you again for your understanding and support of our school. These are unexpected times, but we are grateful that we can be certain that God is walking with us.

Warm regards,

Dr. J.P. Rader