ICS Educators Receive Prestigious Award from Asbury University
ICS Educators Receive Prestigious Award from Asbury University

Dr. James P. (JP) Rader and Dr. Helen Rader have been awarded the prestigious A-Award from their alma mater, Asbury University, this past summer. Started in 1946, the A-Award is Asbury's highest alumni honor of distinction and serves "to recognize alumni who have achieved distinction professionally and demonstrate loyalty to Asbury University and have been out of school for 20 years or more." After a nomination process by the Awards Committee at Asbury, top choices are hand-selected by the President of the University.

"It is a real honor to receive the A-Award from an institution like Asbury that has been such an important part of our lives and that we respect so much," said Dr. JP Rader. "Our years at Asbury have informed our work at ICS...helping us understand what service, ministry, excellence, and self-denial look like." Dr. Helen Rader said, "Since graduating from Asbury University many years ago, I have felt that teaching is a higher calling...a job full of possibilities, heavy with responsibilities, and full of opportunities to integrate faith and learning and touch young lives for eternity.

Their award recognition states: "As former professors, the Raders have had a great impact on many Asbury students both in and out of the classroom. Teaching, mentoring and coaching were a part of their mission while at Asbury...Students weren't the only ones to benefit from the mentoring of the Raders. JP Rader has a passion to develop faculty professionally, focusing on learning and building a culture of excellence."

From teaching in South Korea, the United States, and now Singapore, Drs. JP and Helen Rader have covered education across the globe. Not only that, but this profound legacy in education also expands over decades. Dr. JP Rader's father, General Paul A. Rader, was an A-Award recipient in 1982, and the Raders' children are also educators. On education, Dr. JP Rader said, "One of my favorite quotes is by W.B. Yeats, who said, 'Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.' I think ultimately we, as educators, should ignite a passion for learning that Yeats was referring to. Students today have immense amounts of information at their fingertips. What they need is the ability to synthesize that information, to find links between fields, to think deeply, and to solve problems creatively."

The A-Awards are typically given out during the Asbury Reunion in June. This year, the awardees were recognized in a virtual program on June 27 and mailed their awards. The September issue of The Ambassador Magazine, the Asbury University alumni publication, also recognized the award recipients.