April 3, Online Learning To Continue From April 13 Through May 4
April 3, Online Learning To Continue From April 13 Through May 4

Dear ICS Community,

Today we received word from the government that we will be required to close for a period of time, at least through May 4, 2020. ICS will continue with our online learning plan as previously announced through April 7, have Easter break for students April 8-12, and continue with online learning beginning April 13. We are awaiting further details from the government regarding the school closure, and we will provide you with further information by the middle of next week.

We would like to reiterate that campus is closed to all students and families at this time. Should you have technology issues, please contact our tech office via itapplications@ics.edu.sg to make an appointment.

We understand there may be additional questions at this point in time, and we will provide further information next week. While you are able to contact the school via phone on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., we would prefer you to contact us via info@ics.edu.sg so we can direct your queries to the appropriate individual and provide you a more timely response.

We are grateful to be in a country such as Singapore at this time, and we appreciate the Singapore government's leadership through COVID-19. During this time, we would like to ask our community to join us in praying for the health and safety of our ICS community as well as our host nation, Singapore.


Dr. J.P. Rader