April 21, Circuit Breaker measures extended till June 1, school year to end online
April 21, Circuit Breaker measures extended till June 1, school year to end online

April 21, Circuit Breaker Extended till June 1, School Year to End Online

Dear ICS Community,

I greet you from my office at home as we start our fourth week of online learning together. We are still in the middle of the "circuit breaker" directive that was announced several weeks ago by Prime Minister Lee, which as we know, will now continue through June 1. Our goal as a school continues to be to deliver the highest quality online education we possibly can. Our teachers, support staff, and administration are working very hard each week to explore new concepts, build skills, and deepen thinking in our students while still growing our students' faith through devotions, chapels, and praise services. We are thankful for your cooperation and help through the online learning process.

There have been some wonderful things happening at ICS in our virtual school space. Last week, the entire school was involved in Spirit Week; we've included some highlights below.

School life has continued with a unique flow and perspective. The classrooms look different and there has been a learning curve for everyone involved. Thank you for your participation in our survey regarding online learning. Your helpful feedback provided us with data to improve the learning experience for students. In response to your feedback, we increased synchronous classes in the middle and high school to four days per week. We also worked with elementary school teachers to simplify expectations and posting of assignments as well as increasing face-to-face contact time. Mrs. Hansen has also worked with the elementary related arts teachers to streamline related arts classes. I have appreciated the work of Dr. Myong and Mrs. Hansen as they continue to weekly evaluate online teacher-student contact time, student workload, and the implementation of related arts. If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of the Elementary and Middle School or High School Programs, please contact Mrs. Hansen or Dr. Myong.

Our communication remains online only due to government restrictions; we are unable to provide hard-copy classroom materials due to social distancing requirements. However, we are able to offer home delivery for hardware issues with technology due to our relationship with an essential services vendor. Our goal is to maintain momentum in our academic program and provide support for students and parents through our online learning hub.

With the Singapore government's decision to continue the circuit breaker through June 1, our leadership team met this morning, and we had to make the hard decision that we will end our school year online. At this point in time, we are planning to do technology, textbook, and library book return on June 4-5, and we will provide further details as they become available. We will release a pre-recorded graduation ceremony to our school community on May 29 to honor our seniors and celebrate their accomplishments during their time at ICS. In the meantime, please join me in a huge thank you to our entire community: Teachers, for going above and beyond in changing how you care for and teach our students; Parents, for your partnership in helping your students during this time of online learning; Students, for your diligence in continuing your studies. We are grateful for the technology we have that allows us to continue to grow together as an ICS community.

Have a wonderful week,

Dr. J.P. Rader