What Our School's Accreditation Means for Your Child
What Our School's Accreditation Means for Your Child

Every six years, ICS undergoes accreditation through two US-based organizations: the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association for Christian Schools International (ACSI). We do this to continually improve our quality and to strive for excellence in our classrooms. With this accreditation certification, your child is able to pick and apply to a variety of top-tier universities around the world.

"For the last 6 years, ICS has engaged in a formal self-study in all areas of the school. This self-study is to identify places in which we currently excel, and where we can continue to grow and develop. The whole staff has been involved in committee meetings, writing narratives, and gathering documentation in preparation for the accreditation visit," said Jennifer Cantrell, Accreditation Coordinator. This year, ICS was privileged to host six individuals from various international schools in the region as part of our accreditation assessment with ACSI and WASC. The culminating accreditation self-study report was presented to and appraised by the team.

ICS was commended for its commitment to consistently communicate the mission, vision, core values, and expected student outcomes (ESOs) to all stakeholders. The accreditation team also noted the exceptional care teachers have for your child's well-being. They praised the mentoring relationships occurring between teachers and students in addition to how teachers are investing in your child's spiritual, personal, and academic growth as a part of the school's commitment to holistic education.

"I believe the accreditation process is very important as it ensures that ICS is pursuing excellence in every area. I was very encouraged while attending the accreditation team's preliminary report that they noted that ICS has been successful in providing our students with both a strong Christ-centered caring community and an excellent education," said Julie Wiggins, Vice-Chair of board for ICS.

Robert Gutzwiller, chair of the visiting ACSI and WASC team, remarked that ICS's report was, "one of the most detailed and comprehensive plans I have seen in the many years of leading accreditation visits."

ICS was lauded for the work the school has done to receive EduTrust certification. This certification provides the school with excellent operational accountability. The accreditation team also gave glowing feedback on how teachers and the administration collaborated closely to ensure positive student learning experiences. ICS's desire to be a caring community was proved over and over throughout the accreditation team visit.

As previously noted, accreditation is about always striving to develop and enhance your child's learning experience in school. As a part of our commitment to fulfilling our mission and core values, ICS will pursue a continuous improvement plan to guide the school's initiatives over the next six years. The ACSI and WASC team recognized and affirmed ICS's strategic plan that drives school initiatives such as biblical integration in all classes, sound assessment practices throughout the school, and professional development for all teachers and staff. ICS will review and adjust its communication plan to ensure that you and your child's educational needs' are heard and fulfilled.

"I appreciate the commitment of ICS to provide a quality education for students within the context of a Christian worldview. The self-study and the excellent accreditation report assures me that ICS is not only in alignment with its Mission, Vision, and Core Values, but that it is also constantly seeking to improve in these areas," said David Hane, board member of ICS.

The visiting accreditation team (from left to right): Robert Gutzwiller (Chair), Jennifer Lindemuth, Shawna Wood, Helen Schleper, Elsie Poosawtsee, and Matthew Mann