Transitioning Well: How to Thrive in High School

Transitioning Well: How to Thrive in High School

Transitioning Well: How to Thrive in High School

By Ms. Shanaya Thompson, School Counselor K-8th & Mr.Tony Widder, Middle School Principal

One of the biggest fears of a student is transitioning into the unknown. Be it from elementary school into middle school, or middle school to high school, the jitters of starting afresh kicks-in, and the stress will start to form dark clouds above their heads. At the International Community School (Singapore), our school counselors take proactive steps to help our 8th grade students transition into high school.

Over the last several weeks, the counselors have been conducting surveys with ICS students regarding their interest in high school and beyond. Questions such as "What are you looking forward to most in high school?", as well as "What is your biggest fear about going into high school?" were included in the survey. In addition, the school counselors are preparing the minds of the middle school students to think about their upcoming life in high school, and directing their mindset to further future decisions such as college.

ICS students will continue this transition by learning skills throughout the year that will better prepare them for the next chapter in their academic careers. These activities include "Schedule-Planning" with their upcoming high school counselor, and "Time-Management Training" to give students opportunities to practice managing their time to be able to finish their tasks and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Recently, our 8th grade students participated in a Q&A with current freshman students and high school teachers. The 8th grade students valued the opportunity to ask their questions and hear what the future in high school holds. Our school counselors and principals believe the students' confidence and abilities will continue to increase as they move forward in their transition into high school and preparing them for success in their future.

Proven Tips on How to Thrive in Middle School by the Pros - High Schoolers

  • Turn assignments in on time
  • Be proactive in writing your assignments down
  • Ask questions and don't be shy to seek help when you need it
  • Focus on the topics/extracurriculars that you like instead of overcommitting yourself as it can potentially cause you to become over-stimulated or stressed
  • Take notes in class and use it towards future tests
  • Complete homework on time and understand the responsibility and accountability when such tasks are not completed
  • Understand the value of time given in class for educational learning and to choose wisely in regards to who they sit next to (i.e., learning that it might not be a good idea to always sit with friends if they may prevent you from learning)

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