Spiritual Emphasis Week at ICS

Spiritual Emphasis Week at ICS

By Mr. Justin Rimondi, High School Bible, Spiritual Life Director

At ICS, our core values help us to live out our mission, which is to "Educate Minds and Transform lives to Impact the World for the Glory of God". We believe an essential part of living out our mission is to set aside time every week of the year to emphasize the essence of who we are - which is people born with a spirit that hungers for God. Every week we dedicate time for students to explore what a relationship with Christ is and to be encouraged in their faith. This is done through Chapel time and small groups. We also have a dedicated week, "Spiritual Emphasis Week" (SEW), that gives our student body the opportunity to daily focus on God. Our desire is to see students not only excel in the classroom but also see God's lasting purpose and wisdom to transform their hearts.

The theme for the Elementary School's SEW is titled "FOCUS." The students will experience God's impact on their lives as well as see how He uses them to impact others through age-appropriate lessons and activities with our speaker Michael Bandy. At the High School and Middle School level, our theme was "EVERLASTING." The students had the opportunity to engage in the scriptures with our speaker Dustin Lee. We looked at how God is everlasting, His words are everlasting and how we are invited into an everlasting relationship with Him.

Students have the opportunity to grow in their faith at ICS. We encourage parents to take an active part in the spiritual lives of their children. This intentional spiritual formation will help them build better relationships, and develop a heart for the community - all of which makes the student a better person!

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