ICS Haze Policy 2019-20
ICS Haze Policy 2019-20

Dear ICS Parents,

Here at ICS, the health and safety of our students is our highest priority. Over the last few days, the PSI levels around our campus have consistently been at 100 or above. This has led us to curtail recess and other outdoor activities including HS sports practices, games, and outdoor ECAs. We are monitoring the levels on an hourly basis and will continue to do so.

I wanted to share what we have been doing to ensure the protection of your children as we move forward. In order to continuously monitor levels, our administration uses the National Environment Agency (NEA) smartphone apps, which provide the 24-hour PSI and 1-hr PM2.5 levels. We encourage you to use these same tools to better understand what we are monitoring.

As we continue to endure hazy conditions, we are making decisions based on each day's hourly levels. When it is necessary to restrict outdoor activities, we are making spaces available in our library, gym, and classrooms for our students and staff.

We recognize that each individual reacts to air quality levels in different ways. Our First Aid Officers, Mrs. Henshall and Mrs. Ahn, are always available to work with students in their individual needs and to accommodate any special needs. If you as a parent feel that your child should be restricted in their activities beyond what we are currently doing, we would be glad to speak with you about your concerns. Of course, any student may be moved indoors at any time by parent request or if the student is adversely affected. As an added precaution, we would suggest that you send a mask with your child if you feel it is necessary.

Our leadership team, in conjunction with the First Aid Officers, continues to monitor the haze and will notify our parent community by way of email and SMS if there are any drastic changes that would impact our daily scheduling of classes. Here is the matrix we use to determine our course of action based on the PSI levels. Please continue to pray with us that the conditions begin to subside and there will be a return to normal activities on campus.


Dr. James P. Rader

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