February 5, Health Advisory Update

Dear ICS Community,

The Coronavirus situation in Singapore continues to rapidly change with new information uncovered each day. Yesterday the Ministry of Health announced that there are six new cases of the virus in Singapore, bringing the total to 24. Due to the continued spread of the virus in Singapore, the Ministry of Education (MoE) released a new set of directives to schools in order to help protect students and staff.

At ICS, we are taking the following actions:

  • Beginning immediately, the back gate will no longer be available for entry or exit. All individuals coming to or exiting the campus must use the front gate.
  • All students will have their temperatures taken at school in the morning. Elementary school students will also have their temperatures taken in the afternoon. We ask that you continue to take your child's temperature before sending them to school, as well.
  • All field trips will be suspended until further notice.
  • Spectators for athletic events will be limited to ICS students, ICS parents, and ICS staff only.
  • We are increasing our rate and thoroughness of cleaning and disinfecting the campus.
  • Whenever possible, activities will occur in classrooms or grade-level gatherings rather than large groups. Where larger groups are necessary, gatherings will be limited to no more than 100 students.
  • Any non-ICS staff or non-ICS student visitor coming on to campus will be stopped to have their temperature taken and asked to fill out the travel declaration form.

Our lunch and recess times, as well as our dismissal practices, are already in compliance with the MoE requirements so there will be no changes other than the back gate being inaccessible during this time.

At this time, our athletics and ECA programs will continue as scheduled.

We will be modifying or canceling the following multi-grade, large-group activities that occur between now and spring break.

  • ES Valentine's Day event is being moved into classrooms rather than a large-group activity in the canteen
  • MS Parent Meeting scheduled for February 18 will be canceled
  • ES Mandarin Day scheduled for February 26 will be canceled
  • All school WWW/Faithworks Prayer scheduled for March 4 will be canceled
  • ES Student Portfolio Night scheduled for March 5 will be canceled
  • Grade 2-3 ES Play scheduled for March 12 will be canceled

In addition to canceling the activities listed above, we are also canceling our Week Without Walls and Faithworks programs for this year. While the Week Without Walls and Faithworks programs have a rich tradition at ICS, and we realize that canceling these trips is significant, the events of the past several weeks have made it such that we cannot guarantee the health and safety of our students and faculty while on these trips. Our MS and HS teams will be working to schedule an alternate activity on campus that will focus on service.

We will continue to stay in close contact with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education to ensure we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of all in our community.

Thank you for patiently journeying with us as we face the challenges of running our school program with excellence in the face of the dynamic situation surrounding the Coronavirus virus.

Dr. J.P. Rader

CPE Reg No: 199303918N
Reg Period: 06/07/19 to 05/07/23