February 20, New measures introduced against COVID-19
February 20, New measures introduced against COVID-19

Dear ICS Community,

We are continuing to work with the Singapore government to implement their recommended measures that help us keep our community healthy and safe. Please read this entire communication as there are actions required on your part.

  1. If your child is exhibiting any respiratory symptoms (including sore throat, fever, cough, and runny nose), please keep your child home and seek medical treatment for your child. Students who exhibit any sign of respiratory symptoms will be required to have a doctor's medical clearance note to return to school. Students will be required to be examined by the First Aid Office and submit the MC upon their return to school.

  2. ICS is requiring parents to fill out a new travel declaration form for all individuals living in a student's house from 01 February 2020 to 31 July 2020. A separate form will need to be filled out for each individual; this includes mothers, fathers, guardians, helpers, and any other individuals living in the same house as the student. You are still required to provide a nil response if you will not be traveling anywhere. Please fill this form out by Wednesday, 26 February.

    ICS 旅行申报 - 请点击此处以使用中文填写表格。

    ICS 여행 신고지- 본 설문조사를 한글로 작성하기를 원할 경우 클릭.

We recognize 31 July 2020 seems far away and all families may not know their travel plans yet. Each week in the weekly announcements, we will run the link to the travel declaration form where you will be able to submit additional travel information.

The Singapore government is now issuing 14-day Stay-Home Notices (SHNs) for travelers returning from all parts of mainland China except Hubei province. Individuals returning from Hubei province will be subjected to quarantine. If you, your child, or anyone in the student's home is traveling to or returning from mainland China, ICS requires that you inform us of the travel at this time.

Currently, students who return from mainland China and are issued a SHN are required to stay in their home for the first 14 days of arrival back into Singapore. These students will not be allowed to attend school. Please note that students who violate the SHN will face government-sanctioned disciplinary actions. Per government requirements, ICS must have a whistleblowing channel to allow community members to come forward with information on students and employees who do not comply with their SHN. You can report information on this form here, which is also available on the ICS website, or by contacting the school directly at info@ics.edu.sg.

If a student is living in a home with someone who is issued a SHN from now until 31 July 2020, the student's parent or guardian must notify ICS immediately. ICS is requiring the student to be on a Leave of Absence (LOA) for the 14 days the individual in the home is serving the SHN. When the SHN is lifted, the ICS student may return to school.

Our priority at ICS continues to be maintaining the health and safety of our students, staff, and community. Our ability to keep our community healthy and safe requires everyone to act honestly with trust and in good faith. We are asking you to continue to assist us by complying with the actions outlined above.

We are grateful for your assistance and support.

Warm regards,
Dr. J.P. Rader