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Our Legacy Funds

The legacy of our past is the core of our mission and identity. Your support and donations continue to pave the way for our school to secure our legacy for years to come. From enriching our educational programs, to investing in our students and faculty, to securing our current and future campus, check out the funds you can directly support with your giving.  

girls hugging at volleyball game

Program Legacy Fund

Your contribution to the Program Legacy Fund will continue the school’s expansion in the following areas:

• Project-based learning
• Performing arts
• Entrepreneurship program
• Technology (AI, Robotics)
• Early Elementary programs
• Advanced Placement programs
• Sports programs

Building Legacy Fund

Your contribution to the Building Legacy Fund will allow us to develop the new campus in the following ways:

• More classroom space
• Specialized learning spaces: Science labs, technology labs
• Gymnasium
• Performing arts centers
• Physical education sports fields


Scholarship Legacy Fund

Your contribution to the Scholarship Legacy Fund will allow us to provide crucial scholarship funds to students in the following areas:
• Provide deeper educational discounts for students of full-time Christian workers
• Expand our support to include those with financial need
• Provide scholarships to underprivileged children across Asia

Professional Legacy Fund

Your contribution to the Professional Legacy Fund will help us to enhance the development of our teachers in the following areas:

• Conferences
• Advanced degrees
• In-house professional training
• Opportunities to mentor other teachers


Explore the various ways to give:

How to Give