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The uKnighted Fund

Our Vision and the Need

Since our humble beginnings in 1993, ICS has been committed to providing a high-quality American-based curriculum with a biblical worldview to students from all walks of life. Though lacking tangible assets, our founding families were rich in hope, faith, and thankfulness. With unwavering determination and a heart to serve, they sowed the seeds of a school that would make a difference in the lives of countless students for years to come.

As a small, not-for-profit international school registered as a charity, we have maximized our resources in every area of our operations and continue to maintain a strong value proposition for international families in Singapore.

Our commitment to accessibility is unwavering – we strive to keep tuition fees affordable, ensuring that an exceptional American curriculum enriched with a biblical worldview, remains within reach for all. Despite our size, our passionate team of highly qualified educators empowers students with knowledge and values that extend far beyond the classroom. Through an array of sports and co-curricular activities, we provide opportunities and options for every student to discover their talents and grow with confidence.

Today, as we celebrate 30 years of educational excellence, our mission to "Educate minds and transform lives to impact the world for the glory of God" remains steadfast. However, we require additional resources to continue offering exceptional education and expanding our support to those in need.

About the uKnighted Fund 

The uKnighted Fund is a fundraising initiative to improve and enrich the educational environment and ensure that education remains accessible and impactful.


Multi-Sport Pitch Fundraising Campaign




A new multi-sports pitch and playground is coming our way!

ICS is committed to having top-quality sports surfaces and play spaces on school grounds. The new facilities encompass a high-grade synthetic turf playing field allowing students, coaches, and teachers to utilize the field more regularly year-round, and an improved playground that offers students an enriched and developmentally stimulating play experience.

We are grateful to the Vendor Selection Committee, composed of parents, faculty, and staff, for spending considerable time vetting turf specifications, vendors, pricing, and visiting completed projects. After months of behind-the-scenes work, the groundbreaking for the project was held on November 22, 2023, with use by February 2024, depending on the weather conditions that may affect the construction work. 

As such, we are looking to raise S$800,000 towards the build, ensuring our outdoor sports areas are well-fit for purpose and remain an important sporting facility for the benefit of the students now and in the future. We know this is not a small sum, but we are confident that together we can achieve it.   

How will we do this?

As of March 21, 2024, we have raised $405,404 out of a $1 million goal for the development of the multi-sports pitch, playground, and supporting the financial aid program. We are grateful for the school community and friends of ICS for their strong support. 


30th Anniversary Art and Dinner

ICS is hosting a fundraiser for our 30th anniversary, which will be an art and dinner event taking place at the Gardens by the Bay on Saturday, April 13, 2024, from 4:30 pm to 8 pm. All proceeds from this event will go towards upgrading the ICS campus and purchasing sports equipment for Grace Orchard School. If you're interested in attending, you can purchase tickets or sponsor a table by visiting the event webpage.


30th Anniversary Art Auction

The inaugural art auction is one of the highlights of our 30th Anniversary Art & Dinner gala. All proceeds from the art auction will go to the ICS uKnighted Fund, which supports the school's financial aid program and enables continuous investment in our campus facilities. In addition, $5,000 from the auction proceeds will be used to purchase exercise equipment for our neighboring school, the Grace Orchard School.

We are pleased to present the ICS 30th Anniversary Art Auction Catalog, a collection of individual and collaborative art pieces created by students, teachers, parents, and alumni. The theme for the exhibition is "On the Journey," inspired by Ephesians 2:10, encouraging artists to explore and express their life experiences, perspectives, and journeys through their artwork.

We hope you enjoy exploring our catalog on the 30th Anniversary Art Auction webpage. We invite you to encourage our artists and support our school by bidding on your favorite pieces. More information on ways to participate in the auction can be found on page 33 of the catalog.


Support Our Mission

We invite you to partner with us. Whether you are a student, a family member of a student, a staff member, or an investor who believes in the bright future of our school, we welcome your support in strengthening our position in Singapore and preparing for the next generation of students.

We sincerely appreciate donations of any amount, and have made it easy for you to contribute via our online form.


We offer various options for donations, including, PayNow transfer, checks, and NICS. American citizens may also benefit from tax deductions. You can find further details in the options below. 

How to give?

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